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5 Reasons to Avoid Homemade Raw Pet Food 

Store-bought raw diets and homemade raw diets are often considered interchangeable by pet parents. However, homemade raw diets often come with complications, and even potential safety hazards. Instinct Raw pet food and some other commercial raw recipes, on the other hand, offer several advantages when it comes to saving time and food safety.


Studies have shown that 85-100% of homemade pet food recipes found on the Internet will cause nutrient deficiencies that can lead to serious health concerns. When you make homemade raw in your kitchen, your pet is likely not getting the optimal balance of nutrients. Instinct Raw, however, is accurately formulated by pet nutrition experts, including an on-staff board certified veterinary nutritionist®. Some raw recipes have also undergone feeding trials, which are the gold standard when formulating pet food. Nutritional expertise and testing should not be underestimated when it comes to your pet’s health.

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The meat you buy from a grocery store or butcher can have salmonella and other pathogenic bacteria in it. When you serve a homemade raw diet to your pet, there is no way to eliminate those potential concerns without cooking the meat. Some pet parents believe that dogs won’t be impacted by contaminated meat – but there are there are documented cases of dogs dying from food pathogens, showing that pets aren’t immune to these risks.

Commercial raw diets, however, have access to technology that keeps pet food safe without cooking. Instinct Raw pet food uses a USDA-recognized process called High Pressure Processing (HPP) to keep our raw pet food pathogen-free and safe for pets and pet parents. Unlike cooking, HPP doesn’t strip out heat-sensitive nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.


Crafting your own raw pet food takes dedicated research, extensive shopping lists, and lengthy prep times. Instinct Raw is easy to purchase, available at major pet retailers and local neighborhood pet stores and even online at It’s one simple trip.

A puppy eating Instinct Raw pet food


Homemade raw diets may cost less for pet parents to make — but that’s because they’re missing important quality and safety steps. Skipping these steps could lead to more vet visits (and dollars spent) in the long run. Instinct Raw tests every batch of food before it is shipped out for pathogens, invests in nutrition research, and continuously tests ingredients used.


When you’re crafting your own raw pet food diets, there are many unknowns: nutrition, ingredient availability, price, and safety. With store-bought raw pet food like Instinct, you can shop frozen and freeze-dried pre-packaged meals – verified as complete & balanced, and pathogen-free. That way your pet will get a consistent, nutritious, and safe raw diet.

Need more info on why you should feed your pet Instinct Raw? Click here. 

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