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Frozen Raw Meals for Dogs

Real, Natural

Responsibly sourced meat, non-GMO fruits and vegetables plus other wholesome ingredients in a complete & balanced raw meal

Minimally processed,
never cooked

Raw is never cooked and is less processed than kibble, cans or refrigerated pet food - keeping the most nutrients intact

Nutrient Dense

Raw, uncooked foods retain natural flavors, valuable antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals — for a more nutritious and healthy food

Frozen For

Freezing raw protects nutrients at their peak for maximum freshness.

Perfect for
Any Pet

Tailored nutrition available in a variety of healthy solutions and life stages

No Grain No Corn No Wheat No Soy No Artificial Colors No Artificial Preservatives
100% Raw

Instinct Raw Longevity

  • Our most advanced raw recipes, backed by science, for optimized total nutrition at every life stage
  • Made with real meat and a carefully selected rainbow of vegetables and fruits to provide key nutrients your pet needs to stay healthy
  • Customized recipes for puppies, adults, and adults 7+
  • Supports heart, immune, gut, and skin and coat health

Exclusively available at Neighborhood Pet stores

Comes in two forms

Bites Bites
Patties Patties


Bite-sized pieces, just scoop and serve.


Burger-sized patties, great for large dogs and multi-dog households.

100% Raw

Instinct Raw

  • A cost-effective, raw meal solution to give your pet all the essentials they need to thrive
  • Made with real meat, fruit, and vegetables
  • Options for puppies, adults, and adults 7+
  • Supports immune, gut, and skin & coat health

Comes in two forms

Bites Bites
Patties Patties


Bite size pieces, just scoop and serve.


Burger size patties, great for large dogs or multi-dog households.

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