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How to Talk to Your Vet About Raw Pet Food

A lot of vets hear the word “raw” and have a knee-jerk negative reaction. This is because when many people think of raw pet food, they assume you are making it yourself, instead of shopping commercial raw diets available for pets, like Instinct Raw. Not all raw pet food is created equal, and your vet may not know about the safety, quality, and nutrition that Instinct Raw offers your pet. We’d love to help you start a productive and informative conversation with your vet about commercial raw pet food, and the benefits it offers. Try the talking points below! 

COMPLETE & BALANCED NUTRITIONMake sure your vet knows that unlike homemade raw pet food, Instinct offers complete and balanced nutrition. Our frozen and freeze-dried raw recipes are carefully crafted by pet nutrition experts, from food scientists to quality control specialists to our on-staff board certified veterinary nutritionist®. Some raw recipes have also undergone feeding trials, which are the gold standard when it comes to formulating pet food. And once in production, we test the nutritional content of our diets on a regular timetable to ensure consistency and quality. 

PATHOGEN-FREE THROUGH HPPHomemade raw pet food can come with several safety and health risks, like exposure to pathogens. But talk to your vet about Instinct’s 100% natural, USDA-recognized pathogen reduction treatment called High Pressure Processing (HPP). Unlike cooking, HPP doesn’t strip out heat-sensitive nutrients, vitamins, and more. And while not all raw brands use HPP, Instinct does to ensure every raw bite is safe to eat.  

INDUSTRY LEADING SAFETY STANDARDSSpeaking of safety, our Lincoln, Nebraska raw facilities have the highest Safe Quality Food rating of all raw pet food brands in North America; we are the only raw company in North America to obtain a double SQF certification in food safety AND quality. SQF is a rigorous and credible food safety and quality auditing program that is recognized by retailers, brand owners, and food service providers world-wide. That means that when it comes to feeding your pet a safe raw diet, our process is literally unmatched. In addition, our company-owned manufacturing facilities in Lincoln were also awarded Lincoln Manufacturer of the Year in 2021. This demonstrates that we are as dedicated to our employees and community as much as we are to our food quality and production process. 

BACKED BY SCIENCENow that we’ve covered some popular objections to raw diets, let’s turn to the benefits. Instinct as a company is committed to investing in science to make sure our raw diets are as impactful as possible. We are also actively sponsoring research at the University of Helsinki and University of Georgia to help quantify the impact of raw nutrition on your pet. The findings so far indicate that raw diets could lead to fewer allergies as an adult and a decreased risk of IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) symptoms. And that’s just the tip of the dog bowl. 

EXCEEDS WSAVA RECOMMENDATIONSFinally, and perhaps most notably for your vet, Instinct Raw pet food meets the highest standards for the questions posed in the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) guidelines. WSAVA publishes guidelines to help vets make the best dietary recommendations for pet owners. Instinct aligns with WSAVA best practices, including having a board certified veterinary nutritionist® on staff.  

To learn more, head to, or tap the button below to watch how a conversation with your vet might play out. We have a feeling your vet will be recommending a raw diet in no time. 

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