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Enrichment Ideas for Active Dogs & Cats

Does your pet have seemingly endless energy? Even if you are the best dog or cat parent ever, there are times when you simply aren’t able to play with them to get that energy out. Times like these are perfect for food-based enrichment toys and activities to keep them busy and mentally stimulated.

Here are 3 great enrichment ideas perfect for energetic, food-motivated dogs and cats featuring products from some of the Instinct team’s favorite brands. These products all pair perfectly with Instinct Raw Frozen Meals for dogs and cats or our freeze-dried Raw Boost Mixers for dogs and cats.

1. West Paw Toppl Toy

West Paw is a pet product brand beloved by the Instinct team! The Toppl is a versatile puzzle and treat toy that is easy to fill with your pet’s favorite foods.

We filled our Toppl with Instinct Raw Bites for Dogs and Raw Boost Mixers Gut Health. Try FREEZING it like we did so your pet really has to take their time getting out every morsel.

There are lots of creative ways to fill your Toppl, so go wild! Consider adding pet safe fruits and veggies or small amounts of other healthy pet appropriate foods like plain Greek yogurt or Xylitol-free peanut butter.

2. Lick Mats

Lick mats are a popular pet product that can be used in a variety of ways.

You can feed your pet’s primary meal on a lick mat, or use it for treats and snacks that will keep them busy. Most lick mats are made of flexible silicone with raised ridge patterns. Spread on your pet’s food so they can get licking! Like the Toppl, try freezing your lick mat to make it last even longer.

There are a TON of lick mat brands out there, but one that we love is from Messy Mutts.  This brand carries many products that pair great with raw food, so this is just one of many Messy Mutts products in our favorites list.

3. Puzzle toys

There are so many fun puzzle toys for pets available, but some of our favorites are from Outward Hound.

Outward Hound and other similar brands offer a wide variety of puzzle toy options ranging in difficulty. This means you can keep your dog or cat engaged no matter what their skill level is. Try rotating different puzzle toys every week or so to keep them sharp and avoid boredom with the same toy.

Our Outward Hound toy is filled with Raw Boost Mixers Multivitamin for Adult Cats 7+.

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