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6 Ways Your Pet May Benefit from a Raw Diet

Switching pet food brands or switching to a new food form may seem a little intimidating. However, understanding the many benefits of feeding your pet a raw diet can make an overwhelming choice feel easy. Raw pet food is minimally processed and never cooked to keep important nutrients intact.

There are also many tangible benefits to feeding raw. For instance, the University of Helsinki’s DogRisk research group has learned that feeding raw is associated with better health outcomes, like reduced risk of developing allergies or Inflammatory Bowel Disease symptoms. And that’s just the tip of the food bowl. 

BETTER SKIN & COATWhen you feed your pet raw, you’re feeding them a high-protein, high-fat diet with a wider array of nutrients than processed pet foods.

Instinct Raw pet food acts as an anti-inflammatory because it has a properly balanced ratio of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and plenty of antioxidants and phytochemicals. These factors could mean a world of difference for your pet’s skin and coat.  

“My pitbull has grown his hair back and has no more dandruff or itchy skin and fur,” one pet parent, Instagram user @girlhitbear, shared.  

MORE ENERGYRaw pet food has high levels of antioxidants, high protein for muscle development, and fights against inflammatory illnesses. All of this means that transitioning your pet to a raw diet might give them more energy.  

“I just started my 13-year-old dog on Instinct and I can already see the difference. He’s running up and down the stairs like a new dog.” -@shireenschollar

BETTER DIGESTIONThere are also a lot of aspects of raw pet food that might improve your pet’s digestion. Instinct starts with higher quality, less processed ingredients, and pulls in a variety of sources for fiber, from veggies and fruits to miscanthus grass to flaxseed. 

And it works:Instinct made Cleo’s stomach issues disappear,” @donnalatronico raved. “Years of vet appointments, trying different foods, and she still suffered with extremely loose stools. One week on Instinct and the stomach issues were gone and she’s got energy to burn.”

MORE MEALTIME EXCITEMENTYou might also notice more tail wags (or satisfied purrs) after transitioning to raw pet food. This isn’t surprising: in addition to being packed with real meat, frozen raw food is much more aromatic and enticing for pets in comparison to dry food.  

As one reviewer shared, “He LOVES it! We have gone from disinterest in food to eating with gusto. He seems to feel better and that makes me feel better.” 

RELIEF FROM SKIN & FOOD ALLERGIESIt’s hard not to feel helpless when your pet has allergy symptoms. Fortunately, raw pet food has qualities that can help improve your pet’s allergies. With fewer ingredients and proteins unaltered by processing, raw pet food can appear hypoallergenic to the body.  

 “My pug has so many allergies. This is the only food she has not had a reaction to and she loves it!”    

IMPROVED WEIGHTSince raw pet food is high protein, high fat, and low carb, pets expend more energy to metabolize raw. This can lead to your pet shedding a few pounds. “Before the raw diet he was less lean,” @ClarissaBurnell told us of her dog. “I’ve noticed his muscle tone has gone up and he looks a lot less chunky!”  

For even more science behind raw and data-driven benefits, read our Science of Raw blog. Or check out our Testimonials page for more word around the water bowl. 

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