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6 Ways to Show Your Pet Extra Love for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the purr-fect opportunity to show your pet just how much you love them. We know that as an obsessed pet parent you are already showing them plenty of love every day – but consider going above and beyond this year for your furry Valentine.


Here are 6 simple ways to show your pet some extra love for Valentine’s Day:

1) Make mealtime extra special – Make one of their favorite times of the day even more memorable. An easy way to level-up mealtime excitement for your dog or cat is adding a meal topper like Instinct Raw Boost Mixers for dogs or cats. These freeze-dried raw bites come in a variety of protein options, and many are specialized to help with common health issues. A top seller for dogs is Gut Health Mixers, and cat parents especially love Skin & Coat Health Mixers.

Another way to jazz up mealtime is ditching the food bowl and trying a lick mat instead. In case you aren’t familiar, lick mats are typically silicone, and they have grooves where you can spread your pet’s food. We love the aptly named brand LickiMat! There are many benefits of lick mats for dogs and cats, such as soothing anxiety, slowing down eating, and providing mental stimulation. Lick mats are especially good for frozen raw food – let it thaw, then mash it up and spread into the grooves of the lick mat. You can also consider adding a pet-safe fruit or veggie to top it all off.

2) Spend quality time with themConsider how to incorporate your pet into your Valentine’s Day activities. This doesn’t mean your human companion has to be left out – instead, consider dog-friendly options that everyone can enjoy. Bring Fido is a great resource for finding pet-friendly restaurants, dog parks, and more. You could even consider a scenic drive, hike, or day trip to a nearby town if your pup loves to get out and about. If you do decide to travel with your pup over Valentine’s Day, here are travel tips to consider.

3) Have a game and movie nightYour pet can get in on the fun, too! Try an interactive puzzle game – we highly recommend anything from Outward Hound. Another option is having a game of hide and seek with your pet’s treats around the house.

And after the fun, put on your pet’s favorite show. There are so many options for “Dog TV” and “Cat TV” nowadays – this Valentine’s Day, rather than put on your favorite show or movie, put on something for your pet! A simple YouTube search of “dog TV” or “cat TV” will deliver more options than you can shake a stick at.

4) Give them an extra treat Don’t make your pet jealous while you are eating your Valentine’s treats – give them one of their own! Even better? Give your dog or cat a healthy treat that they will love just as much as the unhealthy stuff. Besides being a meal topper, Instinct Raw Boost Mixers are an excellent treat! They are low calorie, protein-packed, and incredibly tasty – a winning combination for dogs and cats. Consider dropping some Mixers into a snuffle mat or toy you can fill with treats for an easy enrichment idea.

5) Wear your pet on your sleeve – literallyShow the world how much of an obsessed pet parent you are – consider sporting clothes featuring your dog or cat. Inkopious is a brand we love that has even has Valentine’s designs.

There are so many breeds, illustrations, and styles to choose from – you are sure to find the perfect option, whether it’s clothing, a tote bag, or coffee mug.

6) Show shelter pets some love As pet parents, we have SO much love to give to our four-legged Valentines. Unfortunately, there are many pets in shelters and rescues who won’t be in a forever home this Valentine’s Day. In honor of your pet, consider making a shelter or rescue donation, or even volunteering. Volunteering is a great way to deepen your connection to your local community and make pets feel loved at the same time – a win-win!

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