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The Pet Food That Passed This Pet Parent’s High Standards

As a nurse who’s passionate about working out and busy taking care of her two dogs, Leo and Arbor, nutrition is super important to Becky LaChance. But just like feeding herself the right food helps her life run more smoothly, Becky knows that her two pups also greatly benefit from wholesome, minimally processed food. That’s why she turned to Instinct Raw to better support the unique health needs of Leo and Arbor. Between Leo’s weight management and Arbor’s sensitive belly, she’s found that a raw food diet is the most supportive option. And after a regular raw diet, not only are her pups more excited come mealtime, but they have more healthful energy throughout the day. “Leo and Arbor are everything to me,” Becky says. “I call them my best friends.” And it’s only the best food for our best friends.

Originally published by MindBodyGreen

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