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Start Your Puppy Off On The Right Paw

When you get a new puppy, there’s a lot to consider, like how often to take them on walks, how to puppy-proof your home, and what food to buy to help them grow into healthy, happy dogs. And while feeding kibble may seem like the place to start, it won’t necessarily give them the optimal nutrition provided by unprocessed foods.  

Raw pet food, on the other hand, will help them live their best life. Instinct Raw pet food is an expertly crafted combo of uncooked meat, organs, fruit, and veggies. And starting your puppy off on a delicious, minimally processed raw diet will do more than make their tail wag; it will support their gut health, energy levels, digestion, and more. It can even reduce their likelihood of developing certain health conditions as an adult!  

At this early stage, it’s more important than ever to be mindful about what you’re feeding your puppy. After all, that is your new best friend we’re talking about.  

Here are a few reasons you should start feeding your puppy a raw diet.  

Prevent skin allergies in dogs  

The University of Helsinki’s DogRisk independent research program is helping determine the impact of raw pet food on dog’s health. The findings show first-hand how feeding your puppy raw pet food now can help prevent irritating skin allergies later.  

The study found that puppies fed kibble are almost twice as likely to have skin allergies (Canine atopic dermatitis) as adults when compared to puppies fed raw*. That means by feeding your pup Instinct Raw, you could  help prevent itching, ear infections, flaky skin, paw chewing, hot spots, hair loss, and more uncomfortable symptoms.

Improve your dog’s gut health

Another DogRisk study found that puppies fed kibble are significantly more likely to develop chronic GI issues like IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) as adults compared to puppies fed raw**. IBD is an abnormal immune response to, or because of, an abnormal gut microbiome on a background of genetic predisposition. It also has an unpleasant set of symptoms, including chronic vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, or any combination of the three. No one wants to see their pet go through that — so help reduce their chances with a raw diet.  

The best age to start feeding your dog a raw diet 

While transitioning your dog to a raw diet in adulthood can still prove wildly beneficial for their energy levels, gut health, and so much more, the best time to start a raw diet is when your dog is young – aka, as soon as possible. While the benefits may be invisible to your puppy, by feeding them raw pet food now, you’ll reap the benefits later. And so will they. 

Partial raw diets for dogs work, too 

Finally, feeding as little as 20% raw food  can help reduce the risk of skin allergies. This makes Instinct Raw Longevity Meal Blend recipes a great starting point for your pup, since they hit that 20% raw threshold. Besides this, Instinct has other raw recipes formulated especially for growing puppies to help them get customized nutrition for their life stage.

To find the right raw recipe and serving size for your puppy, visit our Feeding Calculator. 


*Statistically significant; puppies 1-2 months of age. 

**Statistically significant; puppies 1-6 months of age. 


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