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4 Pet Tips for the 4th of July

Exercise Your Pet 

Fireworks and backyard parties can cause pets anxiety. Exercise your pet to get energy out before celebrations begin! Whether it’s a long walk, an intense game of fetch, or a dog park playdate with their favorite furry friend, anything you can do to expend your dog’s energy is a smart idea before a potentially stressful evening.

Keep them Comfy & Calm

Keep your pet inside during the festivities. Don’t forget their favorite toys and snacks, especially Raw Boost Mixers Tranquility, which help reduce their overall stress level.

These freeze-dried raw bites are made with cage-free turkey plus vibrant, functional ingredients like valerian root, passionflower & tryptophan to support a calm demeanor and help reduce stress.

Try putting Tranquility Mixers and other pet-safe foods in an enrichment toy to keep them busy and distracted. Some of our favorite products to use with Mixers are the West Paw Rumbl or any Nina Ottosson puzzle toys.

Consider flipping on Dog TV, too! Between their favorite treats, toys, and entertainment, they’re less likely to be anxious from outside festivities.

Skip the Scraps

No matter how they beg, avoid giving your pup scraps from the family BBQ – many foods aren’t pet-friendly and can lead to health risks. A common food that could harm your dog is leftover bones; they can splinter, get lodged in their throat, or cause obstructions or GI issues. In addition, it’s best to avoid cooked meats, too. These aren’t typically appropriate either due to the seasonings or sauces, so it’s best to stick with your dog’s favorite pet-friendly foods!


Clean Up

After your festivities, be sure to check your yard and clean up before letting your pup out. There could be fireworks debris, bones from your cookout, and more that could be harmful if ingested. 

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