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3 Reasons to Transition Your Kitten to a Raw Diet

When they’re young, kittens need a variety of foods to suit their developing palates. In their first six months of life, it’s important that they get accustomed to different mouth feels and flavors.

One of those forms should be raw pet food. Instinct Raw pet food is an expertly crafted combo of uncooked meat, organs, fruit, and veggies. And starting your kitten off on the right paw with nutrient-rich, hydrating raw pet food will help them grow healthy and strong, now and in the future.

Top reasons to start feeding your kitten a raw diet:

1. Optimal Nutrition: Instinct Raw pet food is packed with nutrients like omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for a healthy coat, probiotics & fiber for gut health, DHA for healthy eyes, protein and calcium for healthy muscle and bone growth, and so much more. It also protects additional heat-sensitive nutrients that other brands lose in the cooking process, so your kitten can grow healthy and strong. Kitten with a bag of Instinct Raw Longevity

2. Hydration: Cats in the wild evolved so they could get all the water they needed from their prey, and house cats are the same way. Prey animals (like cats themselves) are 70 – 75% water, so a raw pet food with that level of moisture will help keep your cat adequately hydrated. Cats don’t sense dehydration in their bodies easily, making them vulnerable if they eat solely dry food or become ill. That’s why it’s so important to feed them a moisture-rich diet, like frozen raw, starting when they’re young 

3. Long-Term Benefits: Processed pet foods have fewer beneficial nutrients and more cooking toxins than raw foods, because many of those nutrients are destroyed by heat. Feeding your cat dry and processed foods for an extended period could complicate any health conditions they develop. It’s been proven in dogs that feeding raw helps prevent future chronic diseases – it’s reasonable to believe the same for cats. And brands like Instinct make it easy to feed pets a minimally processed, complete & balanced raw diet, contributing to their life-long health.

With frozen raw food, you can give your new little furball a longer, healthy life. Check out frozen raw meals for kittens in our Instinct Raw or Raw Longevity line! Instinct Raw is available at Petco, Petsmart,, and more. Raw Longevity is our most advanced raw recipes to date – this line is exclusively available at Neighborhood Pet Stores. No matter which route you go, know that raw diets can provide great benefits for your kitten!

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