Style Guide


All typography should pass WCAG 2.0 AA standards for the color contrast test. You can test color contrast at

Heading 1

Montserrat 700, Title Casing, #ff6100, 40px / 42px

Heading 2

Montserrat 600, Title Casing, #ff6100, 32px / 34px

Heading 3

Montserrat 700, Title Casing, #ff6100, 17.5px / 21px

Paragraph Text

Montserrat 500, #606060, 15px / 20px

This is an unordered list:

Montserrat 500, #606060, 15px / 20px

  • List Item
  • List Item
  • List Item

This is an ordered list:

Montserrat 500, #606060, 15px / 20px

  1. List Item
  2. List Item
  3. List Item


This is the primary Instinct® logo lockup. The logo should be used in its entirety, as is, in all cases possible. Please use the logo as provided and don’t remove, adjust or seperate the shape, lettering, registration marks, lines or color.

The Instinct logo and the Instinct orange color is a primary means of visual identification for our brand. The consistent use of our logo with the approved Instinct orange will build strong external recognition and memorability for Instinct.

The Instinct orange logo is approved to be used on light or dark backgrounds or on photos.


Logo on dark backgrounds

Logo on light backgrounds

Logo on images

Not Allowed

Do not change the color of the logo

Do not remove any elements of the logo

Do not use “Instinct® The Raw Brand®” by itself on any unapproved background colors or images

Do not squeeze, stretch, or change the size ratio of the logo

Do not try to recreate or modify the logo in any way

Do not use “Instinct® The Raw Brand®” by itself even if the lettering is orange


Below are all of the colors that appear on the site organized by which background color they appear over and what page elements they are used for in order to ensure maximum legibility and consistency.

White Background


#FF6100 Large Text
#283745 Bold Text, Buttons
#606060 Normal Text, Iconography
#FFDDC7 Accent Colors, Buttons

Light Orange Background


#b84e0d Large Text
#283745 Bold Text, Buttons
#606060 Normal Text, Iconography
#ebf0f4 Accent Color
#ffffff Accent Color

Light Blue Background


#FF6100 Large Text
#283745 Bold Text, Buttons
#606060 Normal Text, Iconography
#FFDDC7 Accent Colors, Buttons
#ffffff Accent Color

Light Gray Background


#283745 Large Text, Buttons
#606060 Normal Text
#FFDDC7 Accent Color
#ffffff Accent Color

Dark Blue Background


#FF6100 Large Text, Accent Color
#FFFFFF Normal Text
#FFDDC7 Accent Colors, Buttons

Orange Background


#FFFFFF All Text, Iconography
#FFDDC7 Accent Color



Main site icons are used in tandem with a concept, page, link, form, or tool to help the user easily grasp the functionality or intention. When creating new icon files, the icon should be in the center of the canvas and saved as an .svg file. The icons should appear on the site with a height of 55px and a variable width depending on the proportion of the specific icon. The icons should appear with either a light orange or white background blob depending on the background color of the page area they are appearing on. Strokes can very in width depending on the complexity of the linework in each icon.

Easy Add
Food Variety
Kibble Pieces
Kibble + Raw Pieces
Mealtime Variety
Raw Pieces
Wet Food
Cruelty Free
Ear Infection
Frozen Gut Health
Frozen Coat and Skin Health
Graduation Cap
Health Benefits
Dog and Cat
Dog and Cat #2
Food Sensitivity Relief
Work Environment

High Pressure Processing icons are used with descriptions of the HPP process in order to demonstrate to users what goes into the process and what the benefits of it are. These icons should be 55px tall and 55px wide.

100% Raw Nutrition
eliminate bacteria
extreme pressure
Pet Silhouettes

Pet Silhouette Icons are used across the site and in tools such as the Product Recommender to indicate whether a section is relevant to a dog, cat, or both, as well as which lifestage that section is most relevant to. Pet silhouettes appear at varying sizes throughout the site and can appear with our without a light orange background blob. When appearing as button icons in tools such as the Product Recommender, Pet Silhouettes should appear as gray and transition into dark blue (#283745) on mouse over.

All Adults (1-7 Years)
All Aging Adults (7+ Years)
Puppies and Kittens
Adult Dog (1-7 Years)
Aging Dog Adult (7+ Years)
All Dog Life Stages
Dog Food Variety Pack
Healthy Dog Weight
Large Breed Puppy
Small Breed Dog
Toy Breed Dog
Aging Cat Adult (7+ Years)
All Cat Life Stages
Cat / Adult Cat (1-7 Years)
Indoor Cat Health
Variety Pack Cat Food
Animal Silhouettes

Animal Silhouette Icons are used across the site to indicate and link to products containing different kinds of ingredients. The hexagonal versions are used on product line pages to link out to what options are available for each form of food and lifestage of pet. The silhouettes on their own are used in tools such as the Product Recommender as button icons allowing the user to select different ingredient preferences. When used as button’s, the silhouettes should appear gray then change to dark blue (#293645) on mouseover. Animal Silhouette Icons appear at varying sizes throughout the site.


The Social Media Icons link to our social media sites. Social media sites have the logo artwork available for download. Please download the current and accurate logos from their respective sites. Can be colorized using brand colors.

Facebook 58px x 58px
Instagram 58px x 58px
LinkedIn 58px x 58px

Utility Icons are used across the site to communicate a specific function and/or indicate a status. The color scheme of a Utility Icon and its active state can depend on the color scheme of the area of the site in which it is being used, and should always follow brand guidelines.

100% Raw / boosted raw nutrition
Accordion Buttons Unexpanded / Expanded
Hover: #283745
20px by 20px
Arrow Buttons
Carousel Arrows 80px by 80px
Carousel Buttons Selected / Hover / Deselected
10px by 10px
Checkmark 24px by 24px
Paw Print 60px by 49px
Radio Buttons Selected / Deselected
20px by 20px
Search Icon Normal / Hover
25px by 25px


  • Fields & drop-down height 50px
  • 15px horizontal spacing between text labels and form fields / drop-downs
  • 30px vertical spacing between field labels and form fields / drop-downs
  • Background color: #FBDFCA
  • Focused input label: 10px and top position of 10px
  • Radio/Checkbox button background color: #FBDFCA; Selected color: #E05600
  • Submit button follows button specs
Text Inputs
Radio/Checkbox Inputs
Select Dropdowns


All images should either be stock or owned imagery. Images should be chosen and cropped with different aspect ratios and sizes in mind in order to prevent vital pieces of the images from being cut off on different devices.


Hero images need enough space on the left for a headline. When cropping a hero image for mobile, if there isn’t a way to legibly overlay the image with a headline, the headline can be center-aligned and moved down below the hero image. Desktop hero images should be 1500px wide with variable height, and mobile hero images should be 600px wide with variable height.

Hero images for dog and cat product line pages should feature images of pets eating Instinct Pet Food, or product shots of Instinct Pet Food.


Headlines overlaying a page’s hero image should appear either in white, orange (#ff6100), or blue (#283745) depending on which color will give it the most contrast and legibility against the background image.

To view/download images used on, visit our site image library.

Image Library

Copy Guidelines

The Instinct Raw Pet Food website tone is informative and fun. It isn’t afraid to make plays on the word “raw” (Reap the Raw Benefits, A Range of Raw Options) or to quip about pets in unusual ways (Pet’s Best Friend Speaks). After all, pet owners are a loving and fun-loving bunch. When speaking about research, the Instinct tone is more direct and professional, and does not have asides or pet puns (especially when getting into the nitty gritty). When talking about product, testimonials, or the benefits of raw, we can be more playful, using phrases like “furry friend,” “taste they’ll sit and stay for,” and more.

Words to avoid: Fluffy, angel baby (any funny term of endearment for pet), Instinct in a play on words (i.e. “follow your Instincts)

Words to include: best friend, raw, tail-wagging

Grid & Layouts

The site is designed on the Bootstrap 5.0.2 Grid. Visit the Bootstrap site to learn about layout and grid details and guidelines.